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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Phil Metrailler of Mandeville for Advisory services. As a client, I feel informed and comfortable in my investment portfolio achieved by working with him at Mandeville over a number of years.

Pierrette M.


Phil Metrailler has been our investment advisor for over 25 years. Our relationship started when I received a small severance package from a former employer and felt I should invest the money for my retirement. My husband soon joined me with his retirement package. Over the years, our small investment has grown substantially and we are very happy with the results.

Occasionally, Phil would call and ask if he could re-invest some of our funds into other types of investments. The answer was always yes and we were never disappointed.

We trust Phil with our investments and would recommend him to anyone who would listen. Recently our son has started to invest with Phil and has been very happy with the service and knowledge Phil provides.

Andrea & Bryan D.


Why are you looking for an investment advisor and what do you expect from him? Are you tired of institutions who are not interested in you as a person but only in their own financial gain?

Do your homework. What are your financial goalsto buy a home, plan child education or develop a retirement plan? What are your assets, income, expenses and debt? Whatever your goals are, a good reliable advisor can take away the guesswork and stress to develop a plan to achieve them.

In looking for an investment advisor, I had certain characteristics in mind; honesty, a person I could trust, a person that would listen to me as a person and not be a risk taker. I can say I am not disappointed in my choice of Mr. P. Metrailler, and I can definitely endorse him as I have been his client for over 25 years.

Your plans are on the top of his list as he continues to upgrade his qualifications, skills and abilities by continuing his education with seminars, courses and books to achieve his success as an advisor to assist you in reaching your desired goals.

Darlene D.


We’re writing to tell you what a great service you have performed for us. Claire and I were very impressed with the time and care you took to assess our situation before recommending any solutions. You clearly got us thinking about our financial future in ways we haven’t thought before. Over the years, you helped us see a bigger picture than what we were looking at. You also explained things very clearly all along the way. Perhaps most importantly, we felt absolutely no pressure from you. You were confident in what you believed was right, and that confidence helped us make the best decisions. But that confidence did not come across as pushy. We now believe our financial future is in much better shape and if anything unforeseen should happen, we believe we have the right protocol in place to accommodate it. Thanks again for a job well done. We’re looking forward to continued work with you.

PS – We would never hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family.

Dr. John M. and Dr. Clair M.

After 25 years of mediocre wealth management services with the big banks and investment firms, we knew that we needed to pull our heads out of the sand and make a change. Our timeline for building a sustainable retirement was shrinking. We had heard of Mandeville Private Client Inc, but weren’t sure if our portfolio met their entry requirements for asset management…that was about to change. Without appointment, we wheeled into the Ancaster office and asked if we could learn more about Mandeville. First impressions were everything, as the frontline staff invited us in, offered us a beverage, and said an advisor would be with us momentarily. Shortly thereafter, we were introduced to Phil who I am happy to say has been our investment advisor since that initial handshake (pre pandemic of course). We cannot say enough about the relationship we have developed with Phil over the last three years.

Our transition to Mandeville was seamless, and our confidence in their philosophies, strategies and guidance has yielded results that we hadn’t seen in 25 years. In a very short period of time, we have been assured and reassured that we are on track to meet our retirement goals. What can I say, make the call to Mandeville, meet with them, be informedand decide if their vision is for you. We did, and there is no turning back.

Dennis & Kathleen H.

Professional Pilot

Phil Metrailler has been my investment advisor for the last 28 years. He is very professional and easy to talk to about investments or any other subject. Phil advised me during last year’s market decline (March 2020) and provided advice that allowed my investment portfolio to recover from the early losses. I would highly recommend Phil as an advisor to anyone.

Andy and Helen F.


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